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January 2, 2021

We all have developed our own distinct sense of style in our minds. Therefore, when we need to decorate a room, we can identify exactly what we like inside a catalogue or an interior design store.

However, in order to turn an empty space into an inspiring and unique home, we should apply some basic principles of proportion and design, which are just as equally important and essential. They will be the pinch of magic that will add a sense of flawlessness and harmony, pleasing our aesthetic experience and cosiness.

We will pull back the curtain and reveal a few basic professional interior decorating rules:

The Rule of 3 Colours – for a harmonious combination

This rule provides a perfect departure point – the Nature. If we look around, the darkest colours are always found at a low level – the soils, the depths of the water and the earth in general. The mid-saturated colour shades take the middle part of the space, i.e. above the ground – these are the colours of plants, buildings and the surface of water. Subsequently, the lightest colour shades are located in the upper part – the sky, the clouds and the sun’s rays.

Following this natural rule of thumb when painting, you will create a feeling of harmony and equilibrium in the room. Make your choice of earthy tones for the floors, pick your favourite colours for the walls and furniture in the middle of the space, and consider the brightest shaded for the ceiling.

The 60-30-10 Rule – for a perfect palette at home

This rule suggest that you should choose a primary colour, a secondary colour and an accent shade in a ratio of 60-30-10 percent. Your favourite colour for the walls, sofa, carpet should represent 60% of the room. This colour will be conveyed in most of the space and serve as a background, lean  towards the neutral colours. The secondary colour will represent 30% of your room and it is usually used for an accent wall, part of the chairs, carpets, window frames and aims adding a depth to a room. The bright colours will represent the last 10%. Matching artwork, decorative cushions on the sofa and smaller accessories in the room with these shades will make a slight provocation to the vision.

The Rule of Odd Numbers – to perceive balance in the arrangement

Practically, this means arranging one type of accessories in odd numbers. Although it might seem surprising, but an odd number of things in the decor looks more balanced and visually harmonious in contrast to the even number. Usually, three seems to be the magic number in the rule, but if you have more space, five or even more decorating elements work nicely as well. The only thing you need to consider when choosing them is that they should achieve a unity of colour or texture.

The Rule of Dimensioning – for more variation

Placing two accessories of exactly the same height next to each other in the space is not preferable. On a subconscious level, we are attracted by the variation in heights. Arranging three similar vases of varying heights next to each other – low, medium and high will convey that specific sense of harmony in different shapes into the atmosphere.

For a flawless home decor, whether you’re starting from zero or just want to refresh a room, apply these 4 rules to your project and rely on the Spirit Fine Paints‘ premium colour palette for the walls.

For a vivid first impression forever!


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