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July 16, 2022

Every Summer day is a celebration of colours. From the pink sunrise, through the purple of the blooming lavender, to the deep green of the cool Balkans. We can’t get enough of contemplating, taking pictures and feeling the Summer vibe in every precious day.

This inner sense of eternal happiness, complete relaxation and real enjoyment of life can also be infused into our home interior design by using colour schemes and “Summer” paint palettes.

Ice Cream Pink

We mix a handful of raspberries and good milk, blend and freeze. We get a shiny pink-red sweetness, the colour of which can refresh the bedroom, the children’s room and why not the living room. This is a light and summery colour that can be used both for an accent wall and for the entire room. Choose your furniture in creamy white or waffle beige colours to stand out on the ice cream wall.

Blue like the sea, white like the waves

The play of the sea with the shore always gives birth to unique beauty. Each wave rises from the blue depths, reflects the sky and dissolves into white foam, touching the shore, the rocks and the people who seek nearby coolness.

Recreating this eternal dance of white and blue will keep the feeling of complete relaxation long after the vacation is over. Mastery is a key component of achieving this iridescent effect, but the pleasure of waking up every morning as if on the beach justifies the efforts.

Pine Green

Stepping on pine needles always makes a light crunching sound – a melody of untouched nature, of eternal forests and of resin-scented air. Far away from the heat of the city, long walks in the mountains will find their reflection in this deep green colour, suitable for a living room or the kitchen.

Sand Beige

You take off your shoes and step on the beach. The warm sand will work its magic and take away all stress and tension. You feel at home, even though the infinity of the sea is in front of you.

During the active part of the year, an entryway with soft sandy beige colour will have the same effect on a busy mind. A colour that says “I’m home”.

Choose your summer inspiration and discover its flawless colourful reflection in the rich SPIRIT palette – for a bright summer impression forever!


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