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May 9, 2020

Table often seems to be a simple piece of furniture, but it has a hidden potential that can turn it into something more than a tabletop and four legs, namely the most important element of the interior.

Let’s dive into the varieties of tables and their functionalities, which will leave a true impression and even more inspiration:

Table-shaped surface computer

This Microsoft’s Surface has a digital display using a technology that allows you to enjoy your food in peace and take full advantage of the huge screen – to scroll vacation photos or look for your next travel itinerary.

Naturally, it has every protection, which will enable us to eat without any problems.

Every time – on a picnic

We all love picnicking, and Haiko Cornelissen’s table allows us to experience it every time, but without facing the inconvenience of sudden rain or curious ants.

This table is topped with living growing grass on the principle of constructing football pitches and grass walls – tufts of grass are arranged, which then have to be maintained.

Just imagine getting up every morning and feeling energized while drinking your coffee in such a nice meadow.

Table with built-in fireplace

An extremely stylish alternative to a chimney-based fire for your home. There is no real reason to deny yourself comfort at the fireplace, just get a table with a built-in fireplace.

To create an exceptional atmosphere and comfort, Planika Fire offers advanced functional options.

Hidden workspace

When your home is missing storage opportunities and enough space, you can bring a piece of furniture such as a ‘hidden table’. It is mounted on the wall and after unfolding, it can not only be used as a dining table, but also as a working area with everything you need.

Without taking up too much space on the floor, it is designed to provide you with everything you will need for focusing on your work or favourite hobby.

Endless transformation

Design suggestions are endless and our brilliant brain’s abilities can convert a table into chairs and chairs into a table.

It is namely Niko Klansek who has  developed a design that allows transformation according to needs and taste – both in the form of a table and in the form of chairs, this eye-catching piece of furniture will draw everyone’s attention.

Whatever furniture you choose, the rich colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints will complement the interior to make a bright first impression forever!


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