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November 21, 2021

Liking a specific vibrant colour, finding a balanced way to make a statement and bringing it in the room often addresses a question difficulty. However, the answer to all questions is just one and it’s not complicated to be answered at all. On the contrary, adding an accent wall can really change the vibe in your home.

What we’re saying is that you don’t need to turn off your ‘Colour Mode’ in order to make your space suitable for daily living. Tune in to the crest of the Adventure wave and dare to be bolder.  You can reproduce some Spirit design tips from our professionals or from the girls behind ‘Designitsa’.

A single wall with a vibrant colour – to balance the energy

Is it possible to paint my room in a bright turquoise colour inspired by the exotic island of Maldives? Of course, you don’t need to compromise with your favourite colour – all you have to do is just planning and paint only one wall. Painting the rest of the walls in the neutral grey Siberia colour will balance the energy of the room.

Painting stripes on the wall – another opportunity to express your bold statement

How do you like the idea of ​​an accent wall? Would you like to make the painting more abstract?

Here’s your Spirit idea – paint the wall with colour stripes pattern. A single horizontal stripe along the entire wall or a number of intertwining stripes in various shapes. The choice is yours! Now, you can discover the whole product range of Adventure Colours suitable for accent walls.

Ombré Sahding Colour –  a gentle vibrant colour accent

Left like a kiss of pink sunset on the walls, the Ashikaga Colour of the Adventure Colours brand’s products will enchant the atmosphere with a gentle feel. The gentle vibration of the ombré shading effect will transform the static look of the room.

Painting the ceiling – a unique vision of shapes and patterns

Extend the wall colours to the…ceiling! Although it might look like you will not maintain the balance and symmetry in the room, in fact this will only rearrange the perceptions in a positive direction. Here is our design proposal with Spirit – transform the lavender fields in Provence by painting your bedroom in similar colours from the Adventure Colours brand’s products.

Turn your ‘Colour Mode’ on and dare to colour with the Adventure Colours brand’s products of bright interior paints.


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