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April 24, 2020

12 Shades of Colours and the 12 highly expressive personality types behind them – this is how we can describe Adventure Colours interior paints and their perceptual, embodied representations.

Today, we will be traveling around the world map and unravel the symbolism of six extremely different Adventure destinations, but with a trait that even more vividly resembles them – Exotics.

Patagonia and Siberia – for fearless adventurers

To visit Patagonia and Siberia – seemingly different both in terms of location and natural environment – you must surely fall into the category of persons with brave, fearless and unyielding character. These destinations will undoubtedly satisfy your vision of adventure, give you an adrenaline rush and empower your self-confidence. Often, people with a tendency to favour challenging terrains are also able to master their emotions, to be rational, and to cope with any situation completely by themselves.

Whether we are talking about interior paint colours in dark or a light shade of grey – Siberia and Patagonia are practical and timeless solutions, infusing sophistication into any room. This is what you will get if you are looking for modesty in the interior, combining the purity of white with the mystique of black.

Marrakech and Maldives – for exotic adventurers

If you are a person who brings joy, humour or good spirits, with these two interior paint colours you can directly infuse the world of exotics into any room. To brighten up the energy of an adventurer, the fresh blue-green and orange colours will successfully emphasize the cheerful and happy personality. We are convinced that a warm person with a friendly attitude will often express an affinity in selecting these colours. These shades might seem bright, but at the same time, Maldives gives a feeling of delicate freshness, while Marrakesh contains enough milky hue to soften and balance the intensity. These colours are thought to evoke the feelings of a refreshing new day and when united with the emanation of the person who has chosen them – the room will amaze you with unleashed magic of exotics!

Namib and Atacama –  for silent adventurers

Just like these colours are associated with tranquillity, warmth and quiet extravagance, people with fascinating personalities will find beauty in them. Although being often too independent and self-sufficient to embark on a new adventure, these people are also able unfold new worlds and a bunch of versatile interests when they surround themselves with good friends. A shared Adventure that will leave the feeling of a warm cappuccino with a fine velvety layer of milk foam around the edge of the cup.

Hot, pinned by milky flavour, with barely perceptible cold hues – these are the interior paint colours of Atacama & Namib. Infusing the richness of these earthy and calm shades when decorating the walls of your interior space will bring a real sense of warmth to your Adventure‘s home.


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