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May 21, 2020

The wall colours are the most important aspect when renovating the interior design of a room. When it is about the room in which we not only start and end each day, but we seek solitude and relaxation, the choice of colours and interior accessories will influence the energy that the room will convey.

Yes, we are talking about the bathroom – that zone where we get ready for the challenges of the day or turn into a place to relax and unwind in the evening.

The choices that we make when deciding how our bathroom interior will look like can have a significant impact on our mood and the overall vibe of the entire home.

To find inspiration for your bathroom remodelling, you can take a look at the variety of colours in our catalogue and the collection of accessories:

Aqua – a great choice of paint colour for freshness  from the ocean

This colour is along the boundary between soft blue and green. It is used as a symbol of youth, hope and health. It is a very soothing colour that will help calm your mind from anger and decrease bad thoughts.

It is also an uplifting colour suggesting high goals and ideals.

It is known to have a strong relaxing effect and more than just aesthetic significance, bringing a better quality perception as an accent colour.

Let’s paint our walls in Aqua, choosing neutral colours for the tiles and accessories – from beige and grey to emphatic white or black.

Brick-red – a great choice of paint colour for a flavourful and appetizing pinch

Red is a bold colour and provokes a strong reaction in most people, but the brick shade of red is not that overpowering and softens the aggression, giving a positive vibe.

A bathroom in this colour will provide you with motivation from the first minutes of the day. In case that you have a small bathroom and decide to make a bold statement by painting it in this vibrant colour, you will add character to it.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere with this shade in combination with dimmed lighting, taking a bath will awake the world of haute romance.

Peach – a great choice of paint colour for eternal youth

This colour has its own charming and motivating personality. It is a symbol of innocence, but also of growth and prosperity. A reflection of peach shade in the mirror will generate magnetic warmth in the atmosphere. Spice it up with an extra pinch of charm by decorating with some faux and dried flower in the royal blue colour palette.

Energy Healing & Crystal Accessories

Everything has its own energy and vibration. That’s why accessories also play a significant role that affects our emotions. Avoid cluttering with objects that can contribute to chaos and affect the psyche. To help your bathroom look tidy, the solution for organizing a lot of items is a large cabinet.

However, this important rule of minimalist interior design does not apply to some of the accessories, namely rhinestones and crystals. The beauty with their hidden magnetic influence will amplify your sense of inspiration for the bathroom.

Smoky quartz is a stone that will offer security and a sense of stability, raw amethyst will guide you through the clouds of dreams and lepidolite – coming from the Crystal Realm – will reduce stress and anxiety.

Whatever design you choose for the interior of your bathroom, the rich colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints will enrich it accordingly, making a bright first impression forever!


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