December 17, 2021

Everything new is well-forgotten old… Correction – today, we will not emphasize on the old and we will see the traditions of the Christmas decoration, being well-established around the world, from a different perspective.

We will take you on a round-the-world journey for Christmas decoration, which we could reproduce and give it a different, brighter and trendier interpretation, starting with the really red apples in France and reaching to Japan’s Origami. Let’s see what we can embrace in a new different way in order to embody the Christmas spirit inside our homes:

France – with a charm of red apple fruit

According to the traditions in the past, the red apple was commonly seen in the decoration of trees in France, due to its strong religious association with the Garden of Eden.

As of today, the perfect combination of apples and cinnamon is an iconic Christmas scent. To inspire the expression of this blend in its truest version, you can add a decoration of cinnamon sticks and red apples under the tree. We will say only three words – charm, charm and yet more charm.

The Netherlands – with a hint of butter and ginger

Christmas holidays and delicious food go hand in hand. To support this fact, people in the Netherlands decorate their trees especially with homemade ornaments such as cookies Christmas wreaths, also called ‘Kerstkransjes’.

Don’t you think this will bring more inspiration and cosiness, as well as unusual interpretation of the decoration and of course, more Christmas flavour in the atmosphere?

Japan –  with a flight to your Christmas dreams

Origami, Origami… Today Origami is used in so many applications. However do we actually know that the minority who celebrates Christmas in Japan is decorating their trees with handmade paper Origami?

Opt for a variety of shapes and colour combinations in order to bring more minimalist look to your tree at home. Origami is a trend that puts the understanding of the geometry in the first places as an essential rule when it comes to accessorizing.

Australia – with a hint of coral reef

It is well-known that in Australia Christmas doesn’t fall in the snowy season and this is even better – their decorating ideas are influenced by the summer. On the green branches, you can see various types of treasures from the coral reefs, such as shells of mussels, starfish and rapans. When you want your Christmas decorations at home to be not only thematic but also different in a positive and creative way – you can collect endless inspiring design ideas from the Australian trees.

America – with a sense of double celebration

It might have been popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but the retro popcorn decoration continues today. Because they always give that cosy, festive feeling mixed with opening our homes to friends and family.

To create stunning holiday decorations in the corners, use dried citrus fruits, flowers, glittery pine cones and popcorn that are carelessly overflowing the wooden bowl. Now, it’s time for ‘Home Alone’ with the family, what do you say?

Regardless of which type of decoration you have chosen for your inspirational ideas, opt for the Spirit interior paint colours to pop-up your ornaments selection perfectly.

Spirit. A vivid first impression forever!


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