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August 20, 2019

Colourful, refreshing and energizing – our favourite summertime cocktails can become a creative approach for a cheerful interior design, expressing bright personality and sparkling with summer emotionality!

We present to you our selection of time-honoured classic cocktail-inspired paint colour palette and interior design ideas in the Spirit of the Summer:

Mojito Paint Colour

Interior design that spreads optimism and harmony

Mojito fans are like a sip of refreshing beverage for any group of people gathered together at events. They are cool and energizing and the time flies imperceptibly when you are having fun.

This iconic Mojito Cocktail is associated with the Mint colour! Containing the calmness of blue and the optimism of yellow, this colour will complement every room and interior solution. When you choose Mint as a primary colour of your interior, a rich palette of shades – from warm to cool colours – will be revealed to you. This colour will bring a feeling of tranquillity and infuse a refreshing energy into your home.

Manhattan Paint Colour

A vision that shows sophisticated temperament

Manhattan Cocktail connoisseurs are cosmopolitan, emotionally wealthy and with a taste for the ephemeral.

If Manhattan is your favourite cocktail, then an interior design inspired by the shades of Red Amber will certainly create an atmosphere full of comfort, emphasizing on your bright and emotional nature, conveying its colourful flavour.

Aperol Spritz Paint Colour

An easy way to boost the cheerful mood at home

People who like this cocktail are spontaneous and joyful by their nature, creating an atmosphere of effortlessness and lightness by their presence!

A sophisticated and at the same time seductive complex of vital Orange colour with a gentle touch of Vanilla that can easily brighten up any space, bringing an unadulterated spirit of youthfulness and gentle charm!

Piña colada Paint Colour

A caressing touch of exotics that softens the atmosphere

Piña colada is the utmost embodiment of exotics.  Just like the cocktail itself, its fans reveal a radiant personality and whimsical style by their strong but unostentatious presence, as a statement of its sweet-tasting flavour.

The fuzzy yellow colour will bring a feeling of tropical sun and beach exotics to your home. A wonderful primary colour that is always featuring a sunny and welcoming ambience. To complete the Piña colada style with an elevated finesse, opt for a Ruby ​​Red-painted wall as an accent that will remind you of the cocktail cherry!

Blue Lagoon Paint Colour

An ocean breeze that  imprints a memory on the wall

This adventurous summer cocktail is the favourite drink of people who are balanced, with a determined character combined with a hint of creativity, and whose interior design inspiration is always accompanied by their pronounced individuality in strong interaction with the details.

Choosing this colour will enrich your home with Azure brilliance, transmitting a combination of strong feeling, style, confidence and calmness. Floating into the interior space of this room, you will feel more balanced in mind and body, evoking memories of ocean adventures that are especially enhanced when illuminated by the natural warm light coming from the outside.

An interior design that creates an ultimate first impression forever.

Discover the magnificent expression of your colourful summer inspirations in the colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints.


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