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November 26, 2019

Wall paint colours are not just an aesthetic accent that sets the mood and emotion to the room at home. In fact, the right colour selection could optically change any space, thus removing some ‘disadvantages’ such as exposure or size, for example!

If the time has come to give your home a colourful new look, then the following few valuable and practical tips will surely come in handy:

How can paint make a room look bigger?

Narrow spaces cluttered with furniture and items can also be associated with a perception of a strain both visually and mentally.

By using neutral paint colours such as grey, pale blue or beige and avoiding strong contrast as much as possible, you could successfully bring in air and rid the room of suffocation. Light and neutral paint colour shades will reflect natural light and brighten up the space, thus the walls will automatically look bigger. Choose the paint colour of the wall, and then match it with the curtains on the windows. Instead of overloading the room, you can diversify it with a few impressive accents and feel their beneficial effect.

In case that you are dreaming of a higher ceiling, you could achieve this optical illusion by painting it in a lighter shade than the rest of the interior. The effect will pleasantly surprise you.

Adding some horizontal stripes will make a wall appear longer and give you a sense of extra height and depth!

What is the best paint colour for the walls depending on the room exposure?

We know that North- and West-facing rooms often can contribute to the cold and gloomy feeling. However, choosing warmer shades of yellow, orange or red can fill the room with light, as these colours are thought to evoke feelings of optimism, bringing warmth to the space.

Cold colours and their shades, in turn, can give an air of freshness and evoke a feeling of relaxation in any South- or East-facing rooms. Surrounding yourself by blue, green or violet paint colours will bring the Spirit of nature into your interior, reminiscent of the fresh breeze rolling through a lavender garden under a clear sky.

What is the best paint colour to use depending on the type of room?

The living room is a space that can invoke a certain emotional response as it is a symbol of communication and cheerfulness. Orange and yellow paint colours can have a positive effect on the mood, as they are thought to stimulate conversations and increase energy. Pick up a shade from this colour palette that is not overwhelming or apply a single wall accent in their more saturated shades. You will instantly transmit the feeling of warmth and friendliness.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Here, you can pick up among a variety of solutions depending on the desired effect. Red is actually an appetite-stimulating colour, as you can bring instant cosiness to the room with warm and earth-toned paint colours, while the combination of grey and white colours will emphasize on your sense of style.

The bedroom is associated with a feeling of tranquillity and solitude. Here, you could enrich the walls with both warm and cold paint colours, but we would recommend leaning towards their softer shades. Blue and lavender are soothing colours, while green, in turn, is a colour that helps relaxing the senses. The lemon-cream paint colour shade will embrace you with tenderness and it is linked to optimism and positive energy at the same time. Adding to your selection a fresh bouquet of blooming flowers next to the bed can energize your space.

When you are renovating your home, be sure to reflect in this change the most important element – your own sense of a harmonious and beautiful environment.

Emphasize on your own interior vision and give it a character and individual style with the colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints.


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