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April 15, 2020

In order to experience the most authentic colour expression of destinations with exotic landscapes and cultures while being at home, we will help and inspire you to get started! Therefore, we have made a special selection to give you the top interesting facts about the most inspiring destinations from all over the world, bearing a unique colourful character and an adventurous feeling.

Here they are:


Tuscany is a fairy-tale for both the soul and the eyes. The combination of its colourful character, traditions and art heritage is worth to set it in our mind and praise it in our interior. Today, Tuscany is a symbol that tends to draw our attention to its landscapes with a fresh colour sensation – a stunning‘fusion’ paint colour, a mixture of green fields and clear blue skies. However, did you know that Tuscany was the first location that installed natural stone paving in its infrastructure in the Renaissance period – something that marked the beginning of a revolution around the world.


Who doesn’t want to go reef walking around the ocean every day? We can capture the whiff of the Maldives through the wall paint colours and fill our everyday life with its azure blue character. These colourful touches will fascinate everyone, but did you know that once in the past Cowry shells (or boli) were used as a medium of exchange similar to money? That is why even in the ancient world, the Maldives earned the nickname of Money Islands, as it has emerged as the largest supplier of currency.


Mysticism and Adventure’s Spirit – this interior paint colours will infuse in your home an atmosphere in the style of Patagonia. The majestic grey colour has been inspired by the massive rocks, and the explorer Fernando Magellan himself coined the fantasy-inspired term “Patagonia” because of the large footprints he found with his crew on the beach. The Spanish word from which its name is derived is “patagones”, meaning “big feet”. For a long time afterwards, the tale of the Big feet was told by other researchers referring to the story.


The remarkable flower colours of “Wisteria” are clearly distinguished by our minds – with its vivacious lilac and bluish purple petals. In case we wrap our home with these interior paint colours, we will enrich it with a romantic finish. But aside from its lilac hues, Ashikaga whispers all about authentic Japanese culture. The Bannaji Temple in Ashikaga was found during the Kamakura period (1192 – 1333) and its landscape scenes reveal a whole fairy-tale of the samurai residence of that era – the blossoming cherry trees, the ancient bell tower and the library, the oldest still living Ginkgo biloba tree in the courtyard.


Soft and sophisticated coral to express the colourful character of Marrakech. Its ancient architecture traces the features of various settlers and military encroachments over the years, but it definitely deserves special attention when seen live. The sun there is so strong there that it is advisable to cover up the head and the face, even in winter. But what contributes to the shades of Marrakech’s colour character is precisely this hot atmosphere.


If we choose the colourful character of Panjin for the walls, our interior will talk about brightness and sophistication. The Red Beach located in Panjin looks like a landscape from a distant planet with its specific soil that allows only the Suaeda plant to grow. When autumn comes, its colour starts to change into a scarlet shade of red and transforms the whole area into a full-blown surrealistic style.

Are you no longer wondering what your decorating style is?

To enchant your interior style with Adventure, you just have to trust the colours drawn both from the nature and the culture of the most exotic places around the world. We boxed the most unique ones of them all in theSpirit Adventure Colours brand products of interior paints.

Explore your own colourful adventure!


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