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April 4, 2020

When we are looking for inspiration to update the ambiance of our home or office, what is more natural as an instinct than to look at colours that are hinted or clearly manifested in nature? That’s what we did too – we’ve got inspired by 12 exotic destinations, each with an infinitely different character, but with uniqueness that combine them with the others by having the same denominator and namely – being one of the most inspiring places in the world.

Grand Canyon

Here lies much of the history of the Earth, but also successfully preserved authentic life. Today, Supai Village located at the base of the Grand Canyon, is still inaccessible by road and has a population of only 208 people, and still gets the mail by mule.

The soft colours of the Grand Canyon are changing from a reddish hue to a yellow-pastel under the influence of sneaking light and contrasting shadows. Spring, summer, fall and winter – each season provokes a different colourful character in the rocks of the Grand Canyon, with the formed colours remaining inimitable.

Antelope Canyon

Back in the day, the water and the wind have gently sculpted the rocks with their enchanting dance, reflecting their imprint into something beautiful and seemingly otherworldly. Today, these bizarre forms not only provoke admiration in everyone, but can be part of a fantasy film about an imaginary distant world. Although a dangerous and deadly place because of the sudden waves flooding it out in case of rain, the rocky changing colours deserve your attention at least once in a lifetime. First, shades of beige and yellow are introduced, and then the unpredictable light floods the atmosphere with a soft “coral”.


Romance is abundant around here, and every nook and cranny whispers thereof. Small villages nestled in the green slopes or the picturesque hills, French cuisine and exquisite fountains measures just a part of the wealth of this location. It is as if the whole Provence has been impacted with the power of true love and it is a law for it to flourish there in its purest form – as fragrant flowers. Bringing the most legendary memory of the fragrant lavender fields, which to this day are a source of the highest quality for perfume-making supplies, is a pure form of art.


Siberia is the purest, intact and mystical in its suggestion. Perfectly preserved ice cubes of Ice Age creatures tell us the best about prehistoric life. And yes, the wealth of Siberia is the “cold” nature – sparkling azure ice, deep green vegetation around Baikal and pink hues thrown from the sunset on the snow. But as an overall feeling, the colourful character of Siberia seems to be the subtle pastel grey.


The essence of Atacama is a Mars-like walk, but through the desert only. On Earth, Atacama Desert is by far the only desert showing soil that has the closest composition according to the soil samples taken of the parched Martian surface. This is also the reason for NASA’s numerous sampling in desert soils related to future explorations of Mars. The soft “cappuccino” wall paint colour will decorate our home if we take a decision to infuse our interior with the colourful character of the Atacama.


Namib is a coastal fog desert with a climate and colours worthy of being ranked as unique. A large variety of mammals such as elephants, hippos, lions and giraffes have learned to survive, thanks to the daily fog produced by the ocean currents interacting with the hot desert air. And what about the dunes and picturesque landscapes with iridescent shades… These are magical natural shades and not to master their essence in interior design would be a mistake.  The characteristic colours of Namib are distinguished by pleasantly saturated expressive brown colour, but neutral and soft in feel.

To dress up your home and any interior space in the colour essences extracted from the top most exciting travel destinations in the world, you can trust the naturally authentic palette of Spirit – Adventure Colours brand products of interior paints.

Explore your colourful adventure! Get colourful inspirations from six more exotic destinations, part of the entire Adventure Colours brand products of interior paints.


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