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November 12, 2019

White colour can create a sense of cleanliness and is often the primary choice for the interior walls when it comes to a work environment. Unfortunately, in combination with artificial lighting the white colour of the walls can however, impact the perceptions and make you feel depressed or not very productive.

On the other hand, selecting the right colour combination and shades will fill you with positive energy, increase work productivity and stimulate action.

Explore the Spirit selection of  the most impressive office paint colour solutions for the walls, which will positively change your perceptions in the work process:

Red paint colour –to boost productivity and enthusiasm

Putting red colour accents on the walls in interior design will energize the environment with constant enthusiasm. If you need to be active and have good attention to details at work, if physical labour is part of your daily life – Red is the right colour for more productivity.

Aquamarine paint colour —to take a deep breath of fresh energy

Blue calmness, green balance and white freshness have contributed to this colour collaboration. It will energize your senses with nature’s vitality and your psyche with an optimistic attitude and equilibrium throughout the day.

Blue paint colour —to produce creative inspiration

If you need to encourage a creative approach to tasks, then blue is the best colour to increase focus and productivity. It will take creative minds on a journey of new ideas, developing creative confidence and motivation.

Green paint colour – to balance picturesqueness from the nature’s colour palette

Green is the most denoting colour to consider in order to achieve harmony between mind, body and emotions. Green is a colour that calms the senses, keeping long-term concentration and clarity, and easily makes your eyes relaxed. The secret ingredient in creating innovation is the green essence colour palette.

Yellow paint colour – to illuminate the walls with Sun light

Yellow is seen as a colour that activates our productivity with optimism, enlightenment and motivation, but also evoking cheerfulness and predisposing to conversation.

When combining the main colour with another piquant- colour palette as an accent, you can achieve a balance of the desired colour effects.

Make a list of the elements that will help you stay motivated and inspire you at work and rediscover them in a different way – exploring the expressive and impeccable colour palette of the SPIRIT Interior Paints.


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