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HALLWAY – the mirror of our home

February 20, 2020

The hallway or the entryway is the first zone we see when we open the front door and step into our home. That’s why it deserves our prime attention!

The hallway is the mirror of our home, a ‘business card’ that will introduce us to the character of the place which threshold we have crossed. Therefore, when furnishing our home it is also so important to think about the hallway – not just as a passageway between rooms, but as a starting point – implying and carrying the spirit of the place we are about to enter.

To rely on the common vision and the feeling of overall aesthetics is the most correct approach, but there are also some specifics in designing the hallway as a space that is good to comply with:

Sizes and Colours

The hallway is usually a small space and not allowing direct access to natural light. This particularity could also serve as a prerequisite to stop the hallway from feeling not so bright and to create a spacious appearance.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to opt for light paint colour shades, which will help you make the area look bigger. At the same time, a feeling of extra spaciousness can also be achieved by placing mirrors on one of the walls.

If your hallway at home is larger you might face another challenge – lacking comfort in the large space. In this case, you could easily overcome this inconvenience by creating functional and clever areas and choosing the right furniture and accessories!

If you are one of those people who prefer the dark colour shades and you pick up one of them for your hallway, more lights are an excellent addition. This is the rule: darker colour will absorb the light and therefore you will need as much light as possible in order to diminish the impression of obscurity and narrowness.

Furniture and Accents

When furnishing the hallway, think about it with the same attention that you pay to the other rooms in your home!

Functionality and comfort are important factors to consider when selecting furniture, incorporating enough storage options, but also being part of the overall vision of your home.

High console tables, besides offering a practical solution, will also bring a lot of aesthetics and cosiness feel to this space. Add an art coat hanger, a few tall umbrella stands, using baskets for easy storage of other items that are good to have on hand and you will be delighted with the results you can achieve!

However, if you’re struggling to find enough space for this, with the help of built-in furniture pieces not only the hallway will visually expand but you will create the illusion of a brighter space!

You can add a colour accent by decorating with pictures and even flowers.

Another great option to incorporate colours in the hallway is through flowers or with scented candles.


Hallways treasure mostly light that gets scattered. Avoid placing heavy chandelier type of light fixtures.

Wall lamps upwards along the wall and towards the ceiling are ideal for this purpose and can normally be kept in place for maintenance clean. However, if you also place a mirror in the hallway, light should be aimed to target at that direction.

Turn the hallway design into your exciting ‘business card’ to make the ultimate first impression with the colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints.

Spirit. Covering more than your expectations!


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