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November 22, 2020

It is an undeniable fact that our home is the embodiment of our personality and worldview. The task of choosing the right paint colours for the interior design is a process that requires some dedication and preparation in advance. However, by borrowing some fundamental rules from the colour science and harnessing the power of our instinct, it is simple and easy to choose the paint colours in every room.

Be familiar with the basic colour schemes, which formulas will inevitably guide your options between combining two or more harmonious colours for your interior.

Monochromatic colour scheme

According to this colour scheme, the overall look of the room consists of one colour in different saturation variations. Choose one dominant colour and its variations of hues and shades. The monochromatic colours scheme is not overwhelming for the senses, especially in the blue or green colour range.

Analogous colour scheme

This scheme is using a combination of adjacent colours. Select blue as a main colour from the chart and its analogous green or yellow colours for highlights and accents in the interior.

Complementary colour scheme

Here, the implementation is easy and the inspiration overflows. There are two opposite colours from the scheme used in this formula. Close your eyes and imagine the combination of light blue and coral colours. Surprising, but energizing with its harmony and contrast between warm and cold dyes.

Split-complementary colour scheme

This scheme will always achieve a vision of high contrast, while at the same time being one of the most harmonious solutions. Here is our Spirit inspiration – choose green as a main colour and pair it with two of its opposite colours – purple and red – as complementary colours. This combination of green will promote a sense of calm in the room and add a cheerful energy with its catchy hints of roses and lilac flower.

Triadic colour scheme

You can use green, soft purple and orange. These colours are equidistant from one another on the wheel. The personifications of calmness and good mood will complement each other in a colourful harmony.

Tetradic colour scheme

Choose two colours that are across one another on their opposites sides of the colour wheel. The blue-green colours here would enrich the room with a sense of quiet confidence, while at the same time the warm shades of red and yellow will energize the emotions.

Square colour scheme

Here, two colours are paired with their opposites, equidistant from one another on the wheel. If you choose the gentle shades of lilac flower and the blue-green colours, the room will be enriched with the cheerfulness and the energy of the yellow shade.

We are convinced that your personal style will dictate your choice of specific colours. In this case, set up a colour scheme that serves your main colour in its formula and the overall look of your home is finished. To bring your concept to life with quality performance, choose the rich colour palette of Spirit Paints brand’s products and get free tinting of all bases in any Company’s store of Orgachim!

For a vivid first impression forever!


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