December 17, 2021

Interior pictures on Instagram immediately fill us with a sense of cosiness, bringing the spirit of life and evoking that specific trendy feeling.

When we are at home and look around, some areas might feel a little off or just don’t seem to achieve exactly that impression or the pinch of Instagram ‘magic’.

So, let’s explore some of the design trends mostly used  on Instagram on how to take the perfect Polaroid picture:

An Armchair – the main character in the room

You will not go wrong giving the lead to the armchair on your Instagram picture. Litter it with soft pillows and fluffy blankets in pastel colours, casually placing a book on top of them. How much more cosy a photo shooting can get than one like this? All you need to do is just to press the “post” button.

A Mini-Gallery – created based on Art and Memories  

Memories, memories… Collect the best of them and create a Mini-Gallery Wall. Add more inspiring posters and pictures by arranging them in the shape of an abstract puzzle. These elements of the photo composition will perfectly serve both as an Instagramish background and for your good mood.

A library book composition –  favourite titles and uplifting comfort

A book library can show a very different composition than the familiar one. Include some diamond-shaped or floating shelves and fill them with your favourite titles. Add a pinch of charm with some faux flower decoration or lighted arrangements.

That’s it – your Instagramish look is now complete. Now, you can always find an inspiring variety of quotes at your fingertips in your favourite book before posting a picture.

Succulent garden – for a botanist feeling

Succulents are trendy, different and simultaneously unpretentious plants. Arrange your succulent garden in the living room or bedroom, growing different types of plants and displaying unique shapes of pots. Your tropical corner and Instagram picture will be on the crest of the wave!

Inspiring places around the world – on the go every day

Explore different countries, cultures and nature by bringing the feeling of a fairy-tale inside your home. Evoke memories of your favourite destinations by painting the walls in typical colours, adding some souvenirs and accessories from the country to their background. “Snap” – your Instagramish interior design will not only tell tales from distant lands, but also speak of your adventurous nature.

To bring the vibrant and rich colours of your dream on your interior walls, opt for the premium colour palette of the Spirit Fine Paints. There are thousands of shades available to you for thousands of Instagramish transformations.

Spirit. A vivid first impression forever!


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