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July 19, 2020

Harmony in the interior design is the sense that describes a unity and a pleasing combination of elements that fit together at home.

Allowing the creation of harmonious visual connection between the various elements of the interior – furniture, textiles, lighting and colour schemes will not only enhance the feeling, but can also be used to express the vision and the personality of the owner.

In order to achieve a good composition and own specific style of the home, there are a few basic principles advised  from professional interior designers that can be applied in any home:

Low furniture – refined minimalism

Low furniture does not block natural light and makes the boundaries between separate areas of the space smooth.

Low furniture visually expands the space, while the pleasant feeling of natural light and airiness will provide numerous benefits for the mind and body.

From an aesthetic point of view, low furniture will give a contemporary, minimalist look to the home

Fabrics relief – for expressivity and character

You can completely transform the appearance of your furniture with just a few changes of the fabrics like curtains, pillows, carpets.

Although shiny types of fabrics are usually making every space feeling cold, they are also often associated with even more tenderness and sophistication.

Cotton and linen fabrics are known for its soft and comfortable feel, while incorporating velvet into your home design will add an elegance and aristocracy.

Finding the right carpet is essential to tie together the overall aesthetics of a room.

A large size carpet can unite the furniture from one area and allow dividing the room into different functional zones – a corner for family entertainment, a corner for work and reading, and others.

Armchair – a throne in the room

An accent armchair placed as a main part of the room and a focal point can bring an assertive tone and break out the traditional design of the layout.

Incorporating different colours and textures than the rest of the furniture in the room through an armchair can interrupt the monotony of the arrangement and the feeling around the sofa, the coffee table or a TV stand.

A magnificent armchair will draw attention, capture interest and stand out in your space, completing your functional zone.

Artworks – adding more value to your interior design

Thinking about options for what to put on a big blank wall above a sofa, don’t be afraid to hang a large bright painting or a series of nice photographs in one style.

You don’t really need to ‘understand’ the works of fine art in order to choose a painting. Listen to your inner voice and find the one that will provide contentment and that you will like the most.

Placing either one or a few small sculptures next to the range of books in the bookshelves will also outline your personal touch when furnishing the home.


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