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August 30, 2020

Tall palm trees, large green fronds, flowers with exotic colours – it is not surprising that the warm colours conjures up feelings of a summer’s day in our minds, unlocking a sense of deep relaxation through their natural beauty. If you enjoy embracing  the tropical feel into your interior, we will walk you through everything you need to know  on where to begin with a few basic steps :

Tropical-theme decor patterns

Summer is just around the corner and waiting for us, but we could already feel the exciting and refreshing sea breeze coming. Discover the extraordinary beauty of nature and opt for a unique poster print illustrated with a Tropical Rainforest, Asian Flower or classic Yellow Tulip Flower that are a symbol of the Sun, of the cheerful thoughts and of the ultimate all-consuming love in your life. Cushions, vases or paintings are an elegant and perfect way to inject style into the interior of your living room easily and whenever you want.

Tropical-inspired colour foundations

An excellent impression of the tropical interior design concept will be determined by the accurately calculated proportions and combinations used when mixing many colours, which can appear inconsistent at first glance, such as bright bold colours with elements in gentle hues and mood-boosting exotic fauna.  You can pick up a brighter hue based on the colours already existing into your space and opt for some wall decorations in this colour to stand out in the room. Feel free to let bold items such as tropical, colourful macaws, cats and trees as focal points to draw attention to a specific area of your home.

Flora – add a touch of natural charm to any space

Nothing brings a touch of the tropics into our interior – well, nature itself!  Besides keeping colour schemes and motifs in a unified theme, exotic plants will both help set the mood to your space and purify the air in order to make you feel like being in a rainforest. Just make sure to do some research on the best indoor plants before you make your choice among the multiple buying options from cacti through palms to Philippine medinilla.

Tropical-inspired textures and shapes

Last but not least, open up your senses and introduce furniture and accessories in forms inspired by nature. May be this doesn’t have to be literal: it is enough to suggest the sculpted folds of the Grand Canyon, the stalactites of the rocks, or the lianas of the rainforest. A wooden chair, as if naturally sculpted by the wind or wicker stools reminiscent of the drums of exotic tribes – it’s all a matter of personal Spirit feeling.

To create a perfect combination of elements, start with these basic principles and explore the colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints to express your vibrant tropical wall painting ideas!

A vivid first impression forever!


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