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July 2, 2020

The philosophy of the Japanese design can be summed up in one word – Zen. The peaceful simplicity of the country’s rich culture inspires us for more tranquillity and clear lines in both architecture and interior design.

Japanese people are prioritizing the clear lines and  balance, preserving the respectable public image and traditions, unconditionally believing in loving nature.

To decorate your home with an Eastern Touch, you can follow some of these ideas:

The Japanese Pagoda

We all know what a traditional Japanese house usually looks like: they don’t use chairs and people sit directly on a tatami or flat cushions.

However, in order not to compromise on comfort, instead of cushions, you can choose a low-seated sofa and use a raised platform to create an isolated place.

The furniture is focused on the essentials only, eliminating all superfluous elements, creating a calm and uncluttered living atmosphere.

The Art of decluttering

To recreate the Japanese design at home, you should emphasise on minimalism, declutter and remove all unnecessary souvenirs from the shelves.

Store the objects in closed cabinets and arrange just a cherry blossom branch in a vase to complete the interior with an eastern themed accent.

The Use of Elements of Nature

Wood, stone, water, air – these are the elements that create a Japanese spirit in a home. Plastics and metals have no place in it. Opt for natural materials in warm colour shades to feel the true connection with nature.

The Open spaces

There is no need for heavy and massive walls or narrow rooms. In the Japanese home, the spaces are open and it is easy to move from one room to another.

According to their beliefs, the air should circulate around freely so that the energy that surrounds our home can flow easily.

In case that you want to create secluded areas, use lightweight sliding partition, covered with translucent white rice paper, to define boundaries.

In addition to low-lying furniture, choose sliding and unornamented interior doors, so as not to distract from the aesthetic concept and the vision of the clear lines.

Resonating with the colours

To appreciate the idea of ​​connecting with the simple beauty of nature at home, choose a natural colour palette.

Light brown, walnut, bamboo green – these colours will give your home a sense of relaxation, balance and Zen mood.

Reveal the full potential of the Japanese style in the interior by choosing the right colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints.

For a vivid first impression forever!


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