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March 19, 2020

Let it be colourful, spacious and lightened. These are some of the main features we strive for when choosing light fixtures for our home. But when we talk about ‘bright’, exactly how bright do we want it to be? And probably the most correct answer to the question is to “light up in a different way”.

The levels of lighting at home can have a huge impact on our perceptions and the way how spacious and cosy it will look like. Therefore, when we want to ‘light up” everything, we must consider the different types of lighting and arrange them in the right places. By ‘different types of lighting’ we mean three major categories – ambient, task, and accent lighting. It is also good to consider the type of lighting which will best fulfil your needs for the space and its intended use.

Ambient lighting

In every room, it is good to have ambient lighting, usually placed on the ceiling, most often in the form of hanging light fixtures. The main principle of this type of lighting is that the light fixtures are located in the centre of the room. But there is nothing mandatory. According to the furniture and the activity carried out in the room, you may rely not on the stereotypes to sort the light fixtures in the centre of the ceiling, but place the main lighting where you will need it the most.

Lighting can be directed upwards or downwards. Downward-facing light fixtures are usually mounted near the wall in the ceiling and can replace main lighting if grouped correctly or sorted in the right location. Upward-facing light fixtures can be either floor-mounted or free-standing. They are an ideal light source to provide lighting for plants in the home.

Task lighting

We can call it work or task lighting. In principle, it is provided by wall-mounted lamps, various types of table or bedside standing lamps. Each bedroom should have such light fixtures, according to the needs of its owners – for reading, for maximum comfort and for atmosphere. The bedside lamp is almost always placed next to a bed so that you can turn it on or off by a simple wave of the hand.

A table lamp is suitable for an end table, and the best spot to place a floor lamp is on either side of the armchair or the sofa, which you most often use for reading and restoring.

Bedside and table lamps (movable) come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials and can be combined with any interior – from vintage pleated fabric lamp shades to modern lamps with clear lines and designs.

Accent lighting

It is, above all, lighting that creates an atmosphere. Most often, it is used for the any room and space, except for a living room, although such lighting can also be placed there in order to emphasize on the atmosphere when having a party or guest dinners. However, more typically it is used for the corridor, the bedroom, the children’s room, the office. The purpose of this lighting is to emphasize on the interior, the furniture, the wall reliefs, the colours of the room. Last but not least, accent lighting can create a romantic environment, for relaxation after a stressful day. Although these light fixtures are usually not used on a daily basis, but only on certain occasions, it is nice to have them in every home.

If you have the opportunity to combine the three types of lighting in a number of ways, you can get really interesting effects and atmosphere. Also, you can welcome your own comfortable environment at home, making it feel spacious and bright. And to colour it the way you want, use the rich colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints.

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