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February 27, 2020

When it comes to the masculine touch in interior design, we are often limited by the stereotypes of masculine home – chaotic, unsettled and even unwelcoming.

In reality, however, behind the doors of the masculine home, we are often greeted by daring visions, bold combinations and functional in solutions.

Of course, when crossing the threshold of a masculine home and one arranged by a woman, the first things that we will notice will be the differences! Differences between colour and shades preferences, the furniture characteristics, the choice of the decorative elements and even the lighting.

Tracing the features of these elements, we will try to redefine the emphatic signature and the strong presence in the concept of a ‘masculine home’.

Colours and Materials

Masculine interior design styles are distinguished by their constituent elements with an extremely strong presence, often filled with bright contrasts, sharp, strict geometric, but at the same time elegant patterns.

Men will often choose metal, wood or glass as the most common type of building materials to add character in the construction of their home and complement the feeling of character strengths with some elegant, but also decisive paint colours – white, grey, black, blue and red.

The Style

We will be impressed by the furniture designed with straight and clear lines – cabinets, upholstered sofas and couches, and the auxiliary furniture. Minimalist interior design seems to be a reflection of the masculine character and quite naturally finds its expression trend here. However, functionality is the distinctive signature element of the masculine interior design! Rational approaches to add character in the room, involving non-standard solutions with impressive functionality in the space utilization in all rooms of the dwelling – these are some of the most defining traits of the Masculine interior style.

The Layout

A spacious space, without ‘useless’ decorations and embellishments in the details – this is probably a very accurate axiom for a masculine interior. However, the absence of decorating details does not mean that the interior cannot demonstrate acquired distinctiveness. On the contrary, men are very successful in mastering and integrating their personality traits, interests and temperament into the surrounding interior. And yet we can say that there is also a unifying design element in the Masculine decorating style, such as high-tech gadgets and their ultimate place at home!

If there is a chance that the placement of the TV will allow simultaneously viewing from the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom, then such golden opportunity will definitely be sought.

The Lighting

The bright signature element in the Masculine interior design is also characterized by the bright lighting, but it is never conventional. This means that when it is about apartment decorating for men, usually lighting has to be added at many different levels, allowing for both a strong directional lighting and a subtle dimming effect. What we can hardly find in such a home is diamond-like crystal boasting reflections or attention-grabbing and even pompous decorative lighting effects.

And yet, Gentlemen, when decorating a home the colour palette is one of the most important design decisions you will need to make! Find the best colour that most accurately reflects the character you want to add to your home and leave your impeccable signature element selecting the perfect colour palette of Spirit Interior Paints.

Spirit. Covering more than your expectations.


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