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December 2, 2020

Undoubtedly, Maximalism is already considered as one of the main trends in the interior incorporating bright colours, large-scale patterns and luxurious fabrics.

The Interior Designer Marilynn Taylor believes that minimalist design has been popular for too long and it’s about time for big patterns, rich textures and vibrant colours to take their rightful place in our homes.

“At home, life should be much more about passion and energy than functionality and convenience.” – is the opinion of the Scandinavian Designer Nike Carlson about the Victorious March of Maximalist interiors.

Maximalism is a style of interior design that emphasizes on the following core elements:

Large-scale patters on the walls

Tropical plants or large leaves – just one wallpaper accent wall will change the whole background of the room.

Thus, the furniture and everything in monochromatic colours in the room will look just perfectly with one another.

Opposites attract

Don’t be afraid to work with seemingly incompatible combinations – wood and metal or leather and vinyl.

If you like a sofa, a rug or a table and consider that it does not fit with the other elements into the room, then you can just explore this idea deeper in more details and visualize it better. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Maximalist design – this is the courage to assert character strength.

The Unifying Element

After all, you can embrace the maximalism trend without risking kitsch. You should seek and employ unifying connecting points between the individual elements – colour, textile or fabric.

Choose a colour that is leading the eye from one part of a composition to another – the pink of the flowers on the wallpaper in the direction of an accent pink armchair or a carpet.

Symmetry is extremely important when you want to execute a maximalist design. Thus you will create the framework, in which big and bold elements can be placed, unveiling a real visual symphony for the eyes.

Spirit brand’s interior paints will expand the maximalist look to an extent that will really make your home stand out in a unique way!


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