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March 9, 2020

What do you think of when you hear “Mediterranean”? Are you thinking of a fresh salad with delicious seafood, or of a sip of fine red wine. Does it conjure up long walks on the beach, swimming in crystal clear waters and good music? Mediterranean culture, without a doubt, has had a huge influence in all walks of life, in many traditions and last but not least in the field of housing and home furnishings.

The soft power of this style is established almost anywhere in the world, which is why the style is so popular. Mediterranean interior design is delicate and elegant, it creates a romantic mood. But how to achieve it? Here are some fresh new ideas:

At first, you have to decide which of the three predominant regional influences within the Mediterranean style you wish to evoke – Italian, Greek or Spanish.

One of the most important characteristics of the Mediterranean homes is that they try to bring nature inside. They are decorated with a natural look, a lot of wood, organic fabrics and fresh colours. Each element is carefully selected to complement the interior and the exterior space.

In general, this is a favourite style of people who live in warmer places, but when interpreting the Mediterranean style at home, climate is not the most determinant factor. Even more, homes inspired by the Sun and located in colder climates can reflect people’s greater need for cosiness and warmth.

Natural Colour Palette

The core element when recreating the Mediterranean Spirit in your home is choosing more natural colours. This is recommended both for walls and furniture. Find your colour inspirations in the sea or the cloudy sky.

Use furniture in warm terracotta shade, paint the walls in soothing beige colour, match a vibrant shade of lemon or lavender colour for the accessories – this is a great opportunity to remind every visitor of your home of being on a pleasant holiday in the Mediterranean.

Getting the right furniture

The best option of furniture to suit this style is crafted from wood or in wrought iron. Embrace their dark but warm colours with colourful cushions and accessories to brighten up your home.

Usually, Mediterranean style incorporates simple and functional furniture. Allow a hint of frivolity in the room by mixing a sofa and two single chairs, a completely different style of armchair, a table with ceramic tiles embellished with a variety of decorative cushions.

As for accessories – bronze ones would be perfect, such as candle holders, small or larger statues and chandeliers. Curtains, on the other hand, should be lighter and sheer to get enough natural light in the room. The best curtains are usually in light colours, such as white or cream.

Rustic themes

In addition to bright and vibrant colours, Mediterranean homes are often associated with the rustic style. That means high ceilings, stones and tiles next to the entrance door, mosaics, more traditional than modern hallways.

Forget about doors and windows rectangularly shaped

If your home is still at the construction or renovation stage, you can consider the benefits of oval windows and arches. Emphasize on the terraces by combining the interior and exterior space.

Carpets and rugs

Mediterranean style features bright patterns on bedspreads, bench and chair seat cushions, and colourful rugs throughout the home. You can choose ready-made rugs and cushions, custom-made to your liking or to make them by yourself.

Small rugs will make the room feel more cosy and welcoming, while they could also hide some imperfections on the worn floor.

Handmade accessories

In the Mediterranean interior, it is quite usual to interact with your collections of handmade souvenirs – all kinds of ceramics, vases, bottles, carvings, lanterns, candle holders to be admired.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are also a distinctive feature of the Mediterranean home. You can incorporate them into the decoration of framed bathroom mirrors, on the walls in the kitchen, around the pool in the backyard, in the hallway. In fact, mosaic tiles art can be a wonderful way to add liveliness and refreshment anywhere in the house when you need to.

Exterior spaces

Remember that the Mediterranean style is mainly characterized by the idea of ​ combining the interior and the exterior spaces of your home. Therefore, you should also pay particular attention to the front yard of the house or the entrance of the home, no matter if you live in warm or cold areas. The best way to introduce the Mediterranean elements in the house exterior is to use wrought iron fences and stucco walls. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours at home.

Rich vegetation and lush greenery should surround the outdoor area of the backyard. If you have a large veranda or a swimming pool, then you can discover the perfection of the Mediterranean style at home.

However, remember that it all starts with the colours. Therefore, get inspired and explore the rich colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints.

Spirit. Covering more than your expectations.


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