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January 27, 2020

Throughout the centuries, interior design has been characterized by different shapes and elements as the highly distinctive style of each trend has been outlined by the colours.

The style of any era can reveal our personal sense of vision and become a colour inspiration to consider when painting the walls. However, what is the way to easily distinguish different interior styles in our mind? A brief reading of some of the most prominent trends over time is all that is needed, and here they are:

Art Deco Style

This style is characterized by rounded edges and simplistic geometric patterns in the furniture design, embracing glamorous elegance and comfort at the same time. To make the ornamental decorations and colours in the furnishings stand out, the colour scheme of the walls should be pleasant and not overpowering, including neutrals, gold, champagne, grey-blue or navy blue paint colours.

Art Nouveau Style

This style is commonly associated with hard lacquered wood, Tiffany-style glass lamps, stained glass windows and multi-coloured floral forms. The decision on selecting a specific wall paint colour is made in response to what they evoke in each person and based on

desaturated shades  that will keep the light subdued and intriguing. Yellow colour is especially revered in this style, as the colour palette of green tea, brown, mustard and lilac will add a romantic finish to the interior furniture.

Victorian Style

This style is known for its opulent and luxury interiors, contrasting with smooth finished floors and flat wall surfaces. Victorian-Era wall paint colours are soft and neutral, emphasizing on the rich decorations and shapes of the furniture. Despite its splendour, the distinct traits of this interior design style preserve orderliness and harmony in its decoration.

Minimalist Style

The character of this style promotes a sense of orderliness and simplicity in the interior design. This can be achieved by using white paint colour for covering large spaces, cool lighting containing ‘blue light’ and minimal amount of furniture that features basic shapes and repetition of structure. Adding accents becomes a very crucial element in interior decoration here, avoiding superfluous elements as much as possible.

Country Style

The country interior design style will satisfy the ideas of lovers of cosiness and comfort. When it comes to interior design, it will vary depending on the traditions developed in each country, but everywhere it is linked with the main idea of ​​relaxation. The use of neutral furniture will complement the cheerful and colourful radiance of the walls. Opt for deep and bold paint colours such as aubergine, lavender, yellow and azure.

Open your senses and discover which epochal style will most accurately outline your design project so that it will recreate a bright reflection of your colourful ideas.

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