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February 7, 2021

To choose the colour for the walls is one of the most challenging aspects when designing our home. To overcome this difficulty becomes even harder when we have before our eyes a paint catalogue with thousands of colours and shades for tinting.

“I want a warm colour – preferably yellow!” is the first thought that comes to our mind. However, as soon as we open the catalogue, the words begin to echo: “But how to figure out exactly which one of the yellow? Should it be in the range of cold colours with an admixture of green or should it be in the range of warm colours – as close as possible to orange…”

Therefore, without delay, we will quickly emphasize on the three advantages of choosing colours  from a pre-selected colour palette:

“Search once, think less!”

Using a catalogue of ready-to-use paints will make it easy to choose a palette and an exact shade or hint of a colour. The pre-selected colours have been introduced according to certain rules and only for interior purposes. That’s why – once you open the catalogue of ready-to-use paints, you can’t make a wrong step with your choice!

“The ready-to-use paints have been introduced by a professional!”

Wall dyes break every colour rule. When we say it, we mean it – often subtle and muted hues turn out to be the softest and most suitable solution for our walls, despite their unattractiveness in the catalogue.

Contrary to this rule – bright and aggressive colours at first glance could be transferred as an eye-catching charming accent on the walls and instantly improve the mood in the room. Therefore, by trusting the ready-to-use paints catalogue, we trust the professional!

“The resemblance to famous places is not a coincidence”

Ready-to-use colour palettes are mastering a measured amount of warm, cool and neutral colours. Colours contained therein have not been chosen randomly – each one brings inspiration from nature – a place from which it derived and the spirit of which it will evoke into our interior. And the most natural thing that will stimulate our senses will always be the natural appearance!

“12 ready-to-use paints – inspired by natural resources”

Our high-quality offering from the Spirit Adventure Colours is a palette containing 12 ready-to-use paints that have been pre-selected by the professionals in interior design. Each one features the character of an exotic natural destination – the lavender fields in Provence, the power of the igneous rocks in Patagonia and the snows in Siberia or the velvety softness of the deserts in Atacama and Namib!

Check out all the pre-selected colours of the Spirit Adventure Colours here.

Spirit – for a vivid first impression forever!


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