January 23, 2022

From narrow bedrooms, in which it seems that the bed would be the only piece of furniture in the room, to living rooms, in which you have to combine a dining area, a home office and a TV… Organizing a small room seems like a never-ending mission.

What if that turns out not to be the case?

There are several basic decorating tricks to help you furnish your home and that you can apply in order to  create the much-needed feeling of spaciousness and harmony of the senses. Here they are:

Choose low-slung furniture to make a ceiling look higher

The lower the furniture, the more successfully you will create the illusion of openness and make a ceiling look higher. This applies to any type of furniture – tables, stools, sofas, chests of drawers and wardrobes. And one more thing – do not opt for unnecessary wide dimensions of the seats. This is another way to increase the living space in your room and allow you to move freely.

Choosing very light or saturated hues – to bring a layer of depth in the room

Medium shades of colour will make your space appear smaller than it is. Using bright white, pastel or dark colours for the walls will create the desired depth and illusion of more space.

Multifunctional furniture – for space-saving

Adding adjustableshelves, storage stools, extendable furniture and “hidden cabinets” will help you save more space than you can imagine.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains – for a sense of extra height

By hanging curtains from the highest point of the wall that fall all the way down to the floor, you  will automatically achieve the create a false appearance of the ceiling and make it look higher.  This way your stay in the room will inspire a feeling of spaciousness.

A large decorating accent – ​​for a large-scale feeling

The presence of one large vase on the table in the space will have an undeniable impact on our consciousness rather than with the arrangement of several smaller vases. Introducing numerous accessories of different types in the room will create a feeling of a “warehouse”. This will make the room appear even smaller than it is and stress our perceptions.

If yet, you decide to hang collage picture frames, for example, you can use symmetry by arranging them in the frame so that they mentally form a triangle but limit your choice between three to five pictures. The key point is that your room needs to be able to “breathe”.

The Benefits of a Mirror – giving the illusion of bigger space

A mirror can certainly make a room look bigger, but also solves the problem with the lack of light. To increase the amount of natural light, hang mirrors on darker walls and those whose surface is not illuminated. This trick will not only give an optical illusion to visually expand your space, but you will also amplify the extra natural light that you need. Are you still wondering what the colours should you paint the walls? The colour palette of Spirit Fine Paints has thousands of colours that you can tint into light, medium and saturated colours.

Spirit. For a vivid first impression forever!


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