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SPRING OUTSIDE, SPRING AT HOME –design ideas worth recreating!

March 30, 2020

Spring has sprung and floated up the cheerful mood, the energizing colours, building a desire for great changes. However, how to bring the beauty of the Spring season into your home? There are many ways and all of them are always warm and sparkling, like springtime itself.

Freshen up your  home with a mood for Spring

Spring Paint Colours for the Walls

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders as a simple change, alter the mood and create an uplifting atmosphere in your home. Floral and grassy green colours will not only bring a sense of freshness to your interior, but will constitute a component of positive effect on your mood with their spring potential and vivid energy. Pick up your favourite shade from the fresh Spring Colour Palette and bring it as an accent by painting one or more walls in your home, preserving the joy of the Spring Spirit for a long time!

Fresh flower arrangements by adding greenery at home

Spending more time in contact with nature and walking outside in the Spring will fill us with energy, boost our good mood and increase our optimism. Surround yourself at home with spring flowers and plants as the main and most natural decorative element. Growing herbs and spices in the kitchen, arranging a spring bouquet in the living room and decorating the balcony with a shrub – this will transform your home into a real spring oasis with a sense of smell to put you into a good mood!

Textile and fabric decorations

You can achieve stunning interior upgrades by incorporating new fabrics and embellishments into your home. Opt for decorative cushions, curtains and textiles patterns with dominant shades of green, white and pastel pink – this combination of the Spring Colour Palette will energize your home and help you combat stress, enjoying a positive sunny atmosphere! Emphasize on the natural theme by choosing organic materials – linen and cotton.

Spring is probably the most colourful season awakening optimism and good mood. Capture and preserve its Spirit with the bright colour palette of the Spirit Interior Paints and experience the feeling of the timeless Spring emotions in your home!

Spirit. A vivid first impression forever.


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