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July 5, 2020

Colours, shapes, interior style and… Fabrics! Yes, fabrics can play a major role in interior design and even be the reason for its unique individuality and authenticity!

Various fabrics in the interior design are commonly used as a powerful tool that can influence the colour perception and create a characteristic sensation through their texture. Actually, there is an abundance of options to choose from, all with individual attractive appearance.

Silk – sumptuous femininity

The finest and most delicate fabric is perfect if you want to make a space look more expensive. Although the silk fabric tends to have a cold impression, its soft sheen finish can help brighten up dark spaces, creating an extremely romantic effect by reflecting the light. This fabric embodies the most sophisticated femininity, which is no accident or coincidence. This multipurpose fabric is suitable for drapery, cushions and sometimes even upholstery.

Cotton – sense of nature

We often use pure cotton fabrics but cotton can also be blended with other fibres. This is a breathable comfortable material, and if we have to describe it in one word, it should be cosiness. Cotton cushions and upholstery, accompanied by blossoming cotton buds in a vase… Can you feel the warmth and cosiness of the spring season?

Leather – masculine sophistication

It is true that leather is conveying a sense of masculinity to home interiors. Its heavy sophistication can be easily balanced by adding other fabrics and textures as design elements. Light accents with soft and white colours, rugs, throw blankets and small accessories will balance the perception of the senses.

Acrylic – cuddly softness

Although it is a synthetic fibre used as an alternative to wool and cashmere, acrylic fabric has a surprisingly soft and comfortable feel. Acrylic fabric is known for its strength and durability, resistance to wrinkling or shrinking, a great option for stain protection and ideal choice for home interiors. You choose this fabric when bringing Scandinavian design into your home.

Explore the limitless creative possibilities of fabrics by adding an eye-catching colour of the Spirit Interior Paints.

For a vivid first impression forever!


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